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Children learn a lot about communication from the way their parents interact.

During this time, it can be extremely difficult for parents to communicate, it is the time when your children need to feel safe, secure and protected.

Different ways to communicate with your ex-partner

Here are some tips on how to communicate with your ex-partner during this difficult time:

  • A communication book which travels with the child between homes can be used to write down information about the children.
  • A parenting application can be used. The application can include sending messages, photo sharing, coordination of calendars, cost sharing trackers for child related support and costs.   Copies of your communications are stored in the application and can be used if needed in the future.
  • If there are difficult issues that need to be discussed relating to the children, a qualified professional such as a child psychologist can be very useful.  Such issues may include:-
    • How the child is boing at school;
    • Changes in the children’s behaviour;
    • Extra-curricular activities;
    • New partners, or changes to the family make up;
    • Living arrangements; and
    • How the child is coping with the separation.

To have successful communication

Parents must:

  • Be polite, respectful and calm;
  • Only raise matters relating to the children and be child focused;
  • Make requests, not demands;
  • Try to understand what the other parent is saying, even if you do not agree.